Papel Picado: Noisily Festival

This installation was originally inspired by a window display I saw in London Bond Street. The display used a traditional decorative paper craft from Mexico called “Papel Picado” featuring traditional symbols and art.   

It occurred to me that this would look amazing in nature and was perfect for the festival surroundings, but I also wanted to add a new dimension through projections and lighting.

I asked Michelle Townsend, an artist and laser cutting expert to design this installation for me. Michelle took inspiration from Mexican culture and folk art as well as tying in the Noisily logos and aesthetics.

I approached Harry Wragg a video mapping artist to collaborate with Townsend to design the projections, which he did so beautifully.

Papel Picado is used at festivities such as national holidays, Christmas and the Day of the Dead, weddings and parties. Mexico is a place I have travelled extensively as well as previously studying Mexican mask traditions and festivities.

Ruth Herbert – Concept & art direction

Michelle Townsend – Design and laser cutting

Harry Wragg –Creating bespoke visuals and light projections



@hungryvisuals, @khromacollective