About Me

Ruth has 20 years of experience creating decorative and immersive experiences and events. She is a logistics and ideas-focused creative with a drive for perfection. Working as an art director, set designer and event producer, Ruth has experience in theatre, film, retail and the events industry.

In the commercial sector, she has art directed and designed installations for Burning Man, Ibiza Rocks Hotel, Glastonbury Festival, Beat Hotel and Noisily Festival. Within the private event space, she has designed and art-directed stages, installations and whole events for some of the world’s most exclusive clients.

From a very early age, Ruth knew she would work in the creative arts. Her Grandfather, Peter Firmin, the creator of the Bagpuss and Clanger worlds, was a true mentor, teaching her woodwork and other making skills from a young age. Without a doubt this helped forge her path, creating her own magical worlds in the future.

Ruth began decorating parties on the weekends as an energetic young adult outside of her studies. She worked with decoration artists to build immersive installations for the more creative side of the UK’s rave scene and European festivals of that era.

Studying at UAL BA (Hons) Technical Arts and Special Effects, Ruth learnt a wide spectrum of set building, prop and puppet-making processes. After graduating, she worked making giant puppets and props for theatre and TV before focusing on the event industry as her main workplace.

Ruth now combines her fabricating knowledge, event production experience and computer-aided design skills to produce mind-bending installations and party experiences. She collaborates with talent from Ibiza, Europe and around the world to create unforgettable experiences for her clients.

Life is exciting right now… Let’s collaborate!

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.”
– Albert Einstein

Portrait photography – @janelookerphotography