Noisily Festival 2019: Colonnade of Superstition

Colonnade of Superstition is a sequence of totem-like structures, meant as symbols of the Noisily community. The varying elements which make up each piece represent the diversity of the experiences which occur each year at Noisily.

I commissioned the squared column uprights of this installations for the Mind Body and Soul area of the festival in 2018. We built eight of them, two of each of the four different elements – Earth, Wing, Fire & Water. 

The plan was always to develop them in future years, so the top sections would become more adorned and more of a feature.

In 2019, I made the decision to move them into the main arena of the festival. By doing so there became a necessity to make the installation represent the festival more as a whole rather than concentrating on the MBS area.

This pushed the art direction down a different path than before, looking at what the columns should characterise in colour and design.

Ruth Herbert – Art Director

Concept, selected colour scheme and pattern references

Jodie Smith – Architect & designer

Designed the additional wooden elements added at the top of the totems this year as well as paintwork design. Project managed during the build period, selected decorative patterns, cut out and used the stencils on the totems.

Nick Rodbourne – Carpenter & designer

Designed and built the columns, adapted design for safety and purpose with aesthetics in mind.

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Photos: @sauriel_samfairy, @nickcarophotography