Afterburn: The Electric Brixton

Role: Art director, set designer and creator of three core installations at the event.

‘Afterburn London’ was an event at Electric Brixton, London organised by UK-based Burning Man sound camp Ooligan Alley. The theme of Burning man this year was ‘Da Vinci’s workshop’ and the theme for Afterburn London was ’Time’.

I art directed and created three core installations for the event. Firstly I created a 7 meter wide, LED lit, Leonardo Da Vinci-inspired flying machine which was suspended above the main dance floor. I also recreated two hidden rooms into immersive installations to take the audience back in time 600 years. Theses two spaces were transformed into Leonardo da Vinci’s workshop and his study.

I organised the actor Bill Pitcher to play the leading character and to take the crowd into his secret hide away and give them an immersive, enjoyable and memorable journey through time.